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The SPEEDY 4 day food and drink diary is a prospective estimated food diary designed to be completed each day as foods/drinks are consumed. The diary can be completed with the help of an adult where necessary.

Each day is divided into 7 time periods and each entry in the diary is comprised of 7 pieces of data: when, where, doing what, with whom, eating what, portion size, where obtained from. Detailed instructions about what is required in each section are provided.

Weights of the estimated portions were then approximated using published values for children. Nutrient intakes have been estimated using nutritional analysis software based on the McCance and Widdowson nutrient values.

Additional information is collected about daily information and related behaviours such as getting up and going to bed times, travel to and from school, lunch type, whether particpant was at school and whether it was a normal day.

The diary was designed for use in the Sport Physical Activity & Eating Behaviour: Environmental Determinants in Young People study, which aims to examine change in physical activity and dietary behaviour and their determinants in children and is a population-based prospective cohort study. The SPEEDY cohort consists of 2064 Year 5 children (9 – 10 years old) recruited from 92 primary schools across the county of Norfolk, UK in 2007. 


Component Detail
Time frame 4 days
Question type Open
Response categories 1) When; 2) Where; 3) Doing what; 4) With whom; 5) Eating what; 6) Portion size; 7) Where obtained from
Daily time slots 1) 6am to 9am; 2) 9am to 12 noon; 3) 12 noon to 2pm; 4) 2pm to 5pm; 5) 5pm to 8pm; 6) 8pm to 10pm; 7) 10pm to 6am
Additional information 1) Day of week; 2) Today's date; 3) Bedtime previous day; 4) Getting up time; 5) School day yes/no; 6) Lunch type if at school; 7) Travel mode to/from school; 8) School PE or games yes/no; 9) Usual day yes/no
Pages 19
General questions 1) Type of milk; 2) Type of bread; 3) Bread slice size; 4) Brand of fat spread
Output variable Units
Derived from nutritional software
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PDF of instrument Link to PDF
Lifestage Reliability and validity literature
First author (year) Title
Vissers et al. (2013) External site
Vissers et al. (2013) External site
Jennings et al. (2012) External site