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DAPA Measurement Toolkit

The EPIC Norfolk 24-hr dietary recall or UK EPIC-24 is an unstructured record of all food and drink, including snacks, taken over the previous day.

Participants are asked to record:

  • Approximate time of consumption
  • Quantity or amount eaten
  • Type of food
  • Cooking method
  • Whether foods are fresh, frozen, tinned etc.
  • Brand names

Participants are also asked to record the day of week represented by the recall and whether this was a typical day.

An example of a completed recall is provided as are extra sheets should they be required.

Raw data from the recall can be converted into nutrient intakes using the Data Into Nutrients for Epidemiological Research (DINER) software.

Component Detail
Time frame Previous day from waking to sleeping
Item type Open/unstructured
Number of items Not limited
Additional information Day of week; typical day yes/no
Response categories 1) Time of consumption; 2) Quantity eaten; 3) Details of food and drink
Output variable Units
Energy intake MJ/day
Protein g/day
Fat g/day
Starch g/day
Sugars g/day
Potassium g/day
Calcium mg/day
Non-starch polysaccharides g/day
Alcohol g/day
Retinol μg/day
Carotene g/day
Vitamin C mg/day
Resource Link
PDF of instrument Internal link
Sample External site