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The SIT-Q-7d is a self-administered questionnaire that quantifies time spent sedentary in the last 7 days as well as sleeping/napping time. Sedentary behaviour (‘‘time spent sitting or lying down’’) is assessed across five different domains covering adults' daily life activities. These include, in this order, 1) meals (sum of breakfast, lunch, and dinner), 2) transportation (sum of to and from occupation, as part of occupation and getting about apart from occupation), 3) occupation (i.e., work, study, and volunteering, sum of two main occupations), 4) leisure screen time (sum of watching TV/DVDs/videos, using computer apart from work, and playing sedentary computer games), and 5) time spent sedentary in other activities (sum of reading, household tasks, caring for children, grandchildren, elderly, or disabled relatives, hobbies, socializing, listening to music, and other activities). The questionnaire enables calculation of domain-specific and total sedentary time. Time spent sitting in certain domains can also be calculated for week and weekend days separately.

Component Detail
Time frame last 7 days
Items 20
Sections 1) meals; 2) transportation; 3) occupation; 4) leisure screen time; 5) time spent sedentary in other activities
Question type closed
Output variable Units
Total sedentary time h/day
Meals (sedentary) h/day
Transportation (sedentary) h/day
Occupation (sedentary) h/day
Leisure screen time (sedentary) h/day
TV viewing (sedentary) h/day
Non-occupational computer use (sedentary) h/day
Total other sedentary time h/day
Sitting while reading h/day
Sitting while doing household tasks h/day
Sitting while caring h/day
Sitting for hobbies h/day
Sitting for socialising h/day
Sitting while listening to music h/day
Average breaks during occupation breaks/hour
Average breaks during TV viewing breaks/hour
Sleeping and napping h/day
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First author (year) Title
Busschaert et al. (2015) TEXT HERE
Burton et al. (2016) TEXT HERE
Mahmudiono et al. (2016) TEXT HERE
Diaz et al. (2016) TEXT HERE
Mantzari et al. (2016) TEXT HERE