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The "EPIC Physical Activity Questionnaire (second version)" or "EPAQ2" follows the "EPIC Physical Activity Questionnaire (short version)" or "EPAQ-s" (see here), which itself is a shortened version of a questionnaire developed between 1991-1992 during a Dutch pilot investigation for use in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study. The original longer version of the questionnaire is referred to as the "pre-EPIC questionnaire" or "Pre-EPAQ" (see here).

The EPAQ2 is a self-completed questionnaire that collects past year self-reported physical activity behaviours in a dis-aggregated way such that the information may be re-aggregated according to the dimension of physical activity that is of interest.

The questionnaire consists of three sections:

  • Activity at home
  • Activity at work
  • Activity for recreation

In each case questions are closed rather then open-ended, to make them easy to complete and to facilitate large-scale data entry.

Component Detail
Time Frame Past year
Items 87
Sections 1) Home activities; 2) activity at work; 3) recreation
Question type Closed
Output variable Units
TV time h/wk
Activity at home MET.h/wk
Activity at work MET.h/wk
Recreational activity MET.h/wk
Vigorous activity h/wk
Self-reported physical activity index MET.h/wk
Resource Link
Data entry template External site
Error and decision recommendations External site
Syntax External site
PDF of instrument External site